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W e b o t h h a d m e t

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『✚liechtenstein✚』- L i l i ♣ Z w i n g l i
6 October
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“Dies liebe Heimatland,Das teure Vaterland,Hat Gottes weise HandFür uns erseh'n.”

Nation: Principality of Liechtenstein
Gender: Female
Appearance of Age: 15
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 95 pounds

She is described as being rather high-tech, with a humble and mature personality. While being very polite and shy at times she will clearly state her views, call it bluntness. Although she may seem dainty it isn't completely true as she only doesn't see herself in the limelight, as she mostly only .

She was passed along many different nations throughout her life, which became rough and difficult for her after WWI due to a food shortage. However, Liechtenstein was saved from her situation when Vash found her and adopted her as his sister.

♥ likes: big Brother (Switzerland), cute things, sewing, cooking, technology, speding time with Brother, stamps, chocolates, rabbits and animals in general, baking, the alps, skiing, Making others happy, quiet, dresses and Kaesefondue.

✘ hates: War, WW1 especially, people who are harmful to her friends, lies, water, violence, being forgotten, sadness a certain someone's cooking, sorry!

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Social capital

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